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Book your valuation, whenever you like. No need to wait until we're open

It never made sense to me that the only way you could book your valuation is by phoning your chosen estate agent, during the daytime.

Using our easy online valuation booker means you don't have to wait until we're open, and you don't need to ring us. Simply visit our website, select "book your valuation", select a time and put a few details in. We'll then turn up at the time you selected.

We'll call you in the meantime to introduce ourselves, so that you know it's us when we arrive. Safety and security, and all that.

If you're thinking of moving, book your valuation online. Miles Better.

MILE+CO is Skelmersdale's new local estate agency focused on the local town and the villages surrounding it. Call 01695 355110 or visit for more details.

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