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Different rooms found in luxury properties and how you can add a bit of luxury to your home

As properties increase in size, there is a limit to how large a room can be before, structurally, walls are needed. So, a large property may have large rooms, but it will still have rooms. It's unlikely that a property has an entirely open-plan layout, and more substantial properties will inevitably have more rooms than the average 3-bed semi.

Once you have a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, what else do large properties use their rooms for?? There comes a point when you run out of names for them all!

Luxury properties will often have 'extra' rooms, over and above those that you would expect, and often it is these additional rooms that make us feel that a property is that little bit 'extra', setting it apart from the norm.

Perhaps you could consider one of these ideas if you've a spare room in your home too?

Cinema: Paint the walls black and add comfy recliner sofas and a projector screen to host your movie nights.

Gym: No longer waiting for machines in the gym or feeling like you need to get off the treadmill because you've been on too long. A home gym can even remove the barrier to your training session and make you more likely to stick to your exercise plans.

Office: Working from home has seen a dramatic increase in recent years, and research has shown that, generally, employees are more efficient when working from home for at least a day or two each week. A study in a large property conjures up an image of a sizeable imposing room with bookshelves and a big solid desk to work from. A far cry from the space at the end of the kitchen table that many of us worked from during the lockdown period.

Spa/pool: No slumming it at the public pools; luxury homes often have a pool to swim in or host pool parties. Hot tubs are very popular now; many of us have them in our gardens, but a pool is next level.

Stables: If you have horses, you will know the dream of having your horses at home so that you are not travelling daily to the stables.

Workshops: Somewhere for all your tools and toys, bits and pieces to tinker with. If you are handy or like to repair cars, bikes, or perhaps woodwork, a workshop would be your dream.

Playrooms: Many of us already have playrooms where children can make a mess without toys encroaching into the rest of the home. But playrooms in substantial houses are more like second living rooms for the children.

Glamour/beauty rooms: Fans of the Real Housewives franchise will know all about these! A salon in your home with mirrored walls and Hollywood-style lights surrounding you to give that perfect light as you prepare for the day.

Bar: Mix cocktails for your guests at your dinner parties or enjoy a nightcap at the end of the night.

Perhaps you have a spare room that you could change into something a little different and add a bit of luxury to your home?

If you're considering selling your property, adding one of these rooms could set your property apart from the others on the market, resulting in a higher offer!

Get in touch with our team of property experts if you have any questions about selling your property.

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