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Find out how to switch estate agents and get your home sold if viewings have dropped off a cliff

How often do you switch bank accounts? Or dentists? Or even hairdressers? I expect it's not that often. Most of us have the same bank account we opened as a child. It doesn't matter how bad the interest they pay on your savings or how terrible the customer service is. It feels like so much hassle to switch to a new bank that we simply don't do it.

It is the same for estate agents.

Perhaps you haven't quite had the interest that you'd hoped for or even had offers that were lower than you were expecting. Maybe you were promised a certain level of service by your agent, but they haven't kept their promises? Or perhaps you have simply not heard from them since signing their contract?

Either way, it's possible to change if you are feeling underwhelmed, disappointed or disheartened with the property sale experience. And it is actually easier than you might think.

Yes, you'll have to follow the terms of the contract you have signed, but it is possible to change to a different estate agent, and it is perhaps more common than you might think.

You've not lost or wasted anything that has happened already. The previous agent will list all the interested parties they've introduced your property to while marketing it. If a buyer comes along that has already viewed your property, no problem, they can still purchase as usual.

Statistically, over 60% of homeowners that switch their property marketing to a new estate agent will sell with the second agent, so maybe a change is just what you need?

As a property sits on the market, it can become a little stale. After 4 weeks, the property websites will stop promoting the property to their audience in favour of the newer instructions. After 6 weeks, your estate agent will have exhausted all the potential buyers on their database. And after 8 weeks, your agent will probably begin suggesting a price reduction (this is the only way to rekindle the interest levels in the property so that you move into a new bracket and, therefore, a new group of potential buyers that perhaps couldn't afford the property previously).

But, if you were to change agents, you could tap into a new database of buyers. And with a fresh approach and renewed marketing, your property marketing will have a new lease of life. This could be just what you need to get that elusive sale.

So, what should you do to switch agents and get your property sold?

You need to give proper notice. The terms of a contract with an estate agent may prohibit multiple agencies. This can be bad news if you don't provide the proper notice because, if you do get a buyer for the property, you could be liable to pay fees to both agents - a costly mistake.

You need to choose your new agent. by contacting one of the agents that impressed you from your initial valuation appointments or trying someone new.

Revalue and assess the marketing you've had so far. Your new agent will prepare their marketing materials, so perhaps you can change how the property is presented. This is the chance to consider staging the home and showing off the lifestyle that the buyer could have if they bought your property. Perhaps you have an open fire that you could light, have cosy cushions and blankets to increase the Hygge of the images and make your home seem like a lovely warm and inviting place. Either coffee pots on the coffee table or flowers on the dining table; staging can create interest and add a vibrant pop of colour to your photographs that could entice a buyer and grab their attention as they read their emails or scroll through the websites.

Think about the feedback that you've had. Of course, some of the feedback could have been something you simply can't do anything about. Perhaps it was too small or simply not suitable for some viewers. But, if you've had constructive feedback, consider dealing with these issues to encourage other buyers. Perhaps some feedback has been that there is too much work needed in the property and there are DIY tasks that you can deal with. Or maybe you have had feedback that the decor is outdated and a quick refresh could help.

What if you've had no feedback? If you've had no viewings or no feedback from those viewings, perhaps look at your property through different eyes. Look objectively at your home and think about how it seems to a stranger. It's easy to overlook piles of things stored in corners of our homes because we see them every day. It is easy to ignore knocks and scuff marks and other DIY tasks that you've been putting off. But these things can stand out like a beacon to a stranger looking to buy a property.

It is easier than you think to change estate agents, and a fresh outlook could be the key to finding a buyer and getting that all-important sale.

To find out how we can help you sell your home get in touch with our team today.

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