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4 habits of a tidy homeowner

A tidy home is a tidy mind. Here are four daily tasks that’ll make a huge difference to your home life:

Make the Bed as Soon as You Get Up: This task will take only a few minutes to complete but it’ll give you an instant sense of achievement and lead to a more productive day.

Vacuum or Clean the Floor Daily: Buy a cordless vacuum cleaner and as soon as you get in from work then run it over your carpets or flooring quickly- especially if you have pets.

Clean Up as You Cook: Cleaning while you cook is a great way of easing your workload and making good use of your time.

Sweep the House Before Bed: Take ten minutes before you go to sleep to wander through your house tidying away anything that’s out of place. Sort your magazines, put cups or glasses in the sink and tidy away any toys.

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