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Introducing Neil...

Seeing as you've already been introduced to my Skelmersdale estate agency business, MILE+CO, it kind of makes sense to introduce myself - so here goes...

I'm Neil Robinson and I'm an estate agent with more than 25 years experience in the property business, starting with a corporate agency in 1994. I decided to create MILE+CO for several reasons - one of those is that, after selling my previous business back in 2013 and subsequently working for other people, I simply felt I missed the buzz of doing my own thing. There's a lot to be said for making decisions based directly on what my clients and potential clients need, and having the flexibility to be able to provide it.

Another reason is that I had the opportunity to link up with eXp UK, who provided the framework for me to start this business and are one of the largest estate agency affinity groups in the world. For me, it means I'm not totally on my own, but for you, this means that I am fully compliant and have to reach high standards of service, integrity and professionalism. I'd do this anyway of course, but having this link ensures I remain so (as the rules are updated regularly!), and hopefully it gives you some additional comfort too, that we're the real deal.

A third reason is that I wanted to offer a really good, modern and premium service. One where corners aren't cut, where you're not left on your own, and where the marketing of your home is not only great looking, but highly accessible. This is why I have a professional photographer at every home I market, so they look just as good on Instagram and Facebook as they do on Rightmove and Zoopla. Simply if your home looks fantastic, and it's in the right places, then it will attract viewers and then offers.

Speaking of social media, I also provide a shareable video on each home too. It's great for search engine rankings, and brings your home to life, allowing you to show off your home through your own social media accounts, as well as ours.

It's not all about marketing, though. We don't move home often, and it's therefore vital to have an experienced agent at your side - a "wingman" if you will. I'll oversee the process from beginning to end - from instruction to completion. You'll get feedback and recommendations from me on a regular basis, sales progression is included once your offer is agreed, and I have fantastic relationships with solicitors, mortgage brokers and all the right people to ensure your move goes well.

I hope you'll allow me to keep in touch, and if you need me, I'm a phone call away on either 01695 355110, or 07950 368027

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