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Is Paying To Have Your Rental Property Managed a Loss or a Gain...?

As a letting and managing agent, one of the thing we hear the most from landlords is whether the "cost" of having their rental property managed is, being blunt, worth it to them.

And that's understandable. It costs a lot more these days to own a rental property, and it's tempting to strip costs out where you can.

And it depends what value you put on your agent, too - are you of the opinion that managing agents are just "rent collectors"?

Put it this way - you're paying for a very comprehensive service, but you're also paying for knowledge, experience and most importantly, compliance. A bit like when you pay a plumber to fit you an outside tap - you're not just paying for the tap, or for him to do the job; you're paying for the years it took to get to the stage where he CAN just turn up, fit it and do a quick, clean and neat job.

Rather than viewing the cost of having your property managed as a loss, in my opinion, it's much better to assess what you would GAIN from having an expert in your corner.

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