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Property Investment. Courses, or Mentorship?

Property Investment Courses. Not a fan, I'm afraid.

In my view, you simply won't attend one of these courses, and then suddenly become an expert in it.

Contrary to what they often tell you, there are no "secrets" to property investment. And I would stay WELL clear of any method of property investment scheme that seems either too good to be true, or involves any form of deferred ownership.

After all, each property is different, and more importantly, each investor's situation, buying ability, reasons for investing, and intended outcome from their investment is totally unique.

My view - and this may be controversial in some circles - is that if someone wants you to pay to attend a property investment course, then their business is simply to sell courses.

I've never shied away from giving away my knowledge, built up over the last 30 years of being in the property business, for free, and all good letting agents do the same thing. Personally, I do this for two reasons.

One is the greater good. The more people who buy investment property, the sooner we will fix the housing crisis. We need that.

Secondly is that I, like all good managing agents, actually have something to offer which goes FAR beyond simply "telling you what to do". I see a managing agent's role as a reciprocal arrangement. If I get to know you and get to know your "why", I can give you personal and bespoke guidance on "how".

In other words, you can gain all the knowledge you need whilst you're preparing to, and actively investing in, property safe in the knowledge that you have experts actively working alongside you to look after every aspect for you, on a continual, ongoing basis.

That HAS to be much better than paying upfront for someone to stand and talk at you.

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