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4 ways to declutter your kitchen

Your kitchen can sometimes become a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff we don’t need. Here are five ways to declutter and find peace of mind:

Utensils: Is your utensil drawer grating on your nerves? Sort through it and toss out any broken or unused ones.

Clean Off Your Sink And Counter: It’s so easy to use the counter as a place to collect clutter, so take the time to go through each item and decide if it stays or goes.

Throw Out Expired Food: Open those cupboards and get rid of everything that is too old to eat.

Get Rid of Old Cups: If you haven’t used some of your collectable cups in a year then bin them or donate them to charity.

An honourable "bonus" mention goes to... Sorting Out Your Junk Drawer: Let’s face it we’ve all got one but does yours need a good clean out? Throw away anything you don’t need as there is no need to hoard stuff.

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