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Business (almost) as usual...

Yesterday's lockdown announcement included a directive that the property market can remain open for business, which, as the owner of a small, local business, I obviously welcome, as it means that people who are currently in the throes of moving house, can continue to do so.

There is obviously some caution, however, as no matter what happens in the property market, the most important thing is everyone's health.

And it was tempting to tell you that we've made some changes to how we do things as a result of yesterday's announcement, however the reality is that we've already implemented the safety procedures required of us, and all that remains is for me to assure you that we will continue to observe and practice these on an ongoing basis, so that you feel safe when doing business with us.

Specifically, the guidance from the government says that you can view houses, you can have your home valued and you can put your home onto the market, and this applies for both sales and lettings.

During the first lockdown, I implemented a "virtual valuation" offering, which allows us to assess your home via video calling - this is still available if you want it - and our traditional, on-site valuations are covid-safe too - we wear face coverings, carry hand sanitiser, and we will be careful to touch as little as possible.

Even working from home won't affect us too much - when I originally set up the business, I made sure that I was able to effectively run it from wherever I happened to be, so we'll still be as responsive as ever when you contact us.

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