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Getting Started in Property Investment

Whilst the buy-to-let game isn't exactly rocket science, if you're starting out it's still very daunting, and requires lots of research, as well as a lot of courage as well as significant investment of both your time and money.

The good news is that most property investments are relatively safe, certainly when compared to stocks and shares, and you should get a much better return on your money than if you leave it in even the highest paying interest bearing bank accounts.

Choosing what kind of property to invest in is a must - whether that's flats, houses, commercial property or even purpose built student accommodation. All have their pros and cons, and all have their different levels of accessibility for investors and different risk levels to be aware of.

It's impossible to cover everything in one article, so starting today, I'll be bringing you an ongoing series of property investment content. The articles may or may not answer all your questions, and I'm fine with that - the truth is that every investor has different reasons for wanting to invest, different attitudes to risk, different abilities and interests, and different ideas as to what their ultimate goal is.

So, the main purpose of this is to share some ideas, and to provoke some more specific questions from anyone who wants to ask them.

Indeed, a big part of my job is to advise and mentor people who are exploring the feasibility of investing, so naturally if you've any questions, or want to know if investing is right for you, then do get in touch.

There are many more articles to come, so please do watch out for them, or follow our dedicated Lettings & Property Investment facebook page to receive alerts on our latest articles.

Neil Robinson is an experienced estate agent, letting agent and property investor, and is the owner of Neil Robinson Estate Agents. - 01695 355110

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