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See what your Skelmersdale home is worth... instantly.

You might be dipping your toe in, or you might just want an idea what your home may be worth IF you were to sell it. We can help with that...

You can now obtain an estimate of what your home may be worth by using our Instant Valuation tool - simply pop in a few brief details, and you will be presented with "from" and "to" figures as to what you may be able to expect in today's market.

It's a brilliant way to make a start and can give you an idea of the figures you'd be playing with if you were to move home, as the data is locally sourced and based on recent sale figures and market trends.

It doesn't, however, replace the traditional face-to-face valuation, as there's no way for the calculator to know the unique features of your home.

Either way, it's a great way to start and free to use - so please feel free to go ahead and tell us what you think of it.

MILE+CO is Skelmersdale's new local estate agency focused on the local town and the villages surrounding it. Call 01695 355110 or visit for more details.

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